Can You Tell I’m Excited?

Yesterday I forgot to mention just how excited I am.

I’m so excited that I’m finally posting on this blog. I’m so excited for my life and all of those changes I mentioned. I am so excited you’re actually reading this post and taking this journey with me.

This is more just just my normal excitement towards my desserts.

At risk of saying all forms of the word excitement over and over, here’s a list of things i’m “happy” about in no particular order:

  • Seeing my words grow both in quality and quantity.
  • Building relationships with fellow readers and writers.
  • Being able to look back on my life in the future.
  • Expressing myself in one of the most natural ways I know
  • Being creative
  • Learning
  • Figuring out who I really am in the coming years
  • My Passport should be here any day now, even if I have no plans to use it

I probably missed about one hundred things because the world is such a big place with so many things happening, but I would hope that every post I make is something I am excited about or interested in in the future.

I’m still trying to figure out how to introduce myself and get this whole thing really started, so bare with me. Please. I can only get better from here.



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