I already failed at my first goal for August (Make it through a single day of Lolla without fainting or stressing)… I both almost fainted and stressed, and that was why I did not post yesterday, which put a damper on one of my other goals.

From the second I woke up yesterday I put to much pressure on how I looked, which seems to be a constant problem for me that I really need to work on. Part of it is just to make me feel better and look good for me, but I have to admit I do also like to look good for other people. This causes me to make stupid decisions. By the time we made it to the festival, I was already a hot mess.


The lightning evacuation happened as soon as we got there, causing my boy George Ezra’s set to be pushed back. He still eventually killed it though!

Between his set and Twenty-one Pilots, I almost fainted. I saw “salt-and-pepper” as I fumbled around dizzily. My friend saved me and I feel so bad we had to loose our spots so we could get water and food. I LOVE YOU MARINA. My energy was down for the rest of the night, but eventually I managed to get back up to see part of Twenty-One Pilots, Of Monsters and Men, and Florence & the Machine. I even full on danced near the end, which I rarely do. They all sounded amazing and were so sweet, especially the lead singer from Twenty-One Pilots who I am not going to pretend to know the name of. A drunk, shirtless santa almost fell on me, but I hope he got home alright..

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

On the way home, my mom asked me if I would go again. I did not really give her an answer because I have no idea! If it weren’t so dang hot then I would probably be all in, but of course its August so the heat is here to stay.

I should have drank more water and eaten a more substantial meal before coming, but my anemia could have played a part. As an avid concert goer, I thought I was ready to enter the festival world. Maybe my lack of regular concerts lately set me back, so maybe that gives me more of an excuse to go to more concerts. Right?

I can see why people devote so much time and money to that show. If I do go next year, I need to remember less is more (not clothes, even though that’s also kind of true, but gear, backpacks, and makeup. GET A CAMELBACK BACKPACK) and that no one really cares or judges unless I’m drunk or naked (which I would never be) so I need to just do me. It’s about the music, the music that I love, and that should be the most important thing.

I’m kind of all over the place for this, but I would love to hear about other people’s experiences!

Maybe i’ll have better luck next year or a at different festival (Firefly in DE?!), we’ll see!


PS: They had ice cream there and it was amazing, so shout out to the Rainbow Cone or something like that. Check out my failed artsy picture.



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