Tried & True: Deep Dish S’More Cookies

 My first post about a tried & true Pinterest Recipe! 


With three weeks until I leave, i’m trying to use up all the food or utensils i’ve bought that I know no one else in my family will use. This recipe helped me use up some mini marshmellows I bought, and I finally used the Whoopie Pie pan I got for christmas years ago!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.13.00 PM

The recipe, from Cookies and Cups, took some prep with chopping up chocolate bars and smashing graham crackers. It was kind of nice to feel more official, more so than when I can just throw together regular chocolate chip cookies. The actually recipe was smooth sailing until they actually went into the oven!

The suggested 1/3 cup of dough filled the Whoopie Pie pans way too much so that they over-flowed in the oven and made a slight mess. The second batch turned out better, but they were crisper-I think from having more heat around them from the pan. So the over-flowing ones ended up being prettier, and honestly more Instagram worthy, but they were a few centimeters from being a disaster. Luckily they weren’t! I just wish I knew how they were kept in such perfect shape by the original recipe makers in their pictures!

My instagram reject picture, but they still look pretty good to me! These were the overflow ones

My whole family really enjoyed this recipe. Besides a few small flaws, the posted recipes really is true and great! Everyone should give it a try!


PS: Let’s make #FoodieFriday a thing

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