The Struggles of a Teacher-less Student

Ed Sheeran. John Mayer. George Ezra. Lewis Watson. John Butler Trio. Extreme. To name just a few of my guitar playing inspirations whom I actually can’t play like at all.

Ed Sheeran

I got my acoustic guitar in eighth grade, so about five or six years ago. For about three or four years I had Liz. Liz taught me whatever song I wanted to learn for an hour each week. At the end of it all she probably taught me more about life than music, because my list of songs I could play in whole with transitions and all was (and still is) very limited. At the time I saw nothing wrong with her teaching techniques, but now I wonder where I would be right now if I had a different teacher.

Eventually Liz moved away because she ‘got a record deal’, but I actually never heard from her again so I might never know what really happened to her. Being that I find it hard to open up to people, I never got another teacher. I also did not want a guy because I am awkward, so I basically limited myself and I regret it everyday.

Hozier in Chicago

I have not managed to teach myself a full song. I am very ashamed when I say that because I love music and I love the sound of an acoustic guitar jamming out. I would like to say I have been focusing on my studies, but really I am just a lazy bum-even this summer. I have started several songs and I can play parts of some great songs, but I really hope it is not too late for me to improve my skills.

It is only going to get harder to learn once I can never be alone in college, and my brain is getting old so grasping new technique will become more difficult. That really scares me. At the same time, I really hope that I can find some people at UD who can help me grow as a performer and player. Above all, I need to cut the crap and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

The 1975 in Chicago

Playing guitar does not come naturally for me. I have no rhythm and I cannot read sheet music for my life (Thank Goodness for tabs and chords names).
I praise anyone who has taught themselves, and I will hopefully post an update in the future about be finally being able to play as well as Mayer or Sheeran.

This post made me a bit mad at my past and present self. Hm.



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