A Night at the Drive-In

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.27.10 PM

Grease was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I loved the cool characters and the Unknowndifferent music. In hindsight, the pregnancy scare and sexual references went way over my head and for the better.

One key location in the film is the classic drive-in movie theater. Danny Zuko sings at the swing set while the whole lot talks about Rizzo (I need to watch this movie again because I could be wrong…). That basically represents the time period and the truth to the American dream.

When I found out there was a drive-in less than an hour from my house, I was both shocked and excited. I knew I had to go. It only took 2 years to finally have friends who wanted to & could go and the weather for it.

Ideally I would have an old-fashioned convertible for a drive-in, but luckily I had the next best thing-kind of. Erin my Jeep. It would’ve basically been roofless if I was not afraid of the endless chances of Chicago rain. I drove us because of that and because I have control issues.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.47.49 PMWe sat in the trunk with just a sleeping bag as a cushion, which was not the most comfortable thing. The car next to us turned their trunk into a bed and on the other side people had foldable chairs. We bought some snacks and tried our best to enjoy the movie–As much as I love Miles Teller, our only movie option of Fantastic Four was not a favorite. The traffic on the way out was so much better than I thought it would be.

Although I would recommend checking out any local drive-ins near you, there are a few things that I could have done to make my night better:

  2. It was very hot when I went, so a cooler with ice drinks or a battery fan would have been better.
  3. Some sort of big pillow would have been nice.

Going to the movies or just watching movies is always great, so the drive-in part was just a cherry on top. I really enjoyed the experience itself, even if I was eaten alive by bugs and I did not love the movie.

Go find one before they’re all gone!

Next time I want to go to a drive-in that plays classic and just older movies. Anyone know one in Delaware?


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