Would You Rather: Pizza Edition


Chicago Deep Dish or New York Flat Crust?

Now Manco & Manco in OCNJ

I was born and raised on New York style flat crust pizza. Technically New Jersey but same thing. Every single summer I practically ate my body weight in Manco & Manco’s pizza in Ocean City, New Jersey, and I never regretted a single bite.

My family always stuck with flat crust at home in Chicago because neither of my parents are from the midwest, so I was really not a true Chicagoan until I was a freshman in high school. It was around this time that I was not spending as much time out east, so I had to find another greasy guilty pleasure. I never knew what I was missing out on. Giordano’s Deep Dish is a bread bowl of greasy, cheesy goodness.


Now I am leaving for school in less than a week, and I just ate my last piece of deep dish for at least three months. I completely stuffed my face, and my stomach only regrets it slightly. I have enjoyed my fair share of both deep and flat pizzas throughout the years & my different travels. I am a little bit of everything but Italian, so I cannot explain my love for pizza. It’s all delicious.

The idea of choosing between deep dish and flat crust stems to something much deeper for me.

It’s like East Coast versus MidWest.

Old versus New.

IMG_4431Trying to keep that out of mind, I think I would have to go with flat crust. I can enjoy more of it without worrying about a giant food baby. There are more varieties and options. It’s just delicious. More importantly Manco & Manco is delicious.

I will probably never eat it the “correct” way by folding it, but that will just be me holding onto my midwestern non-east coaster past.

Posting this about pizza really shows my priorities, but I hope you have all had a chance to try all the pizzas near and far to you!

What type is your favorite?


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