Falling for Fall: My Night at an Apple Orchard

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.55.35 PM

New places means new opportunities. One of many for me this fall was taking a trip to Milburn Apple Orchard with a club that I have gotten involved in at school.

One of the main things people think of when they think of fall is apple picking or caramel apples or a cornfield. As soon as the leaves started to fall my Instagram feed filled with cute pumpkin patch pics and apple cider cups. Although technically in Maryland, Milburn Orchard is just a quick 10 minute drive from my campus (the fact that we’re 10 minutes from another state still blows my mind). It is apparently a tradition for this club to go every year to bond. We did not go for the amazing looking fruit, but instead we went at night to take advantage of the Orchard’s offer of a hayride and bonfire. I don’t know how much they paid for it, but it was free for me which was a plus.

I had been looking forward to going to the orchard all week, so that may have clouded my judgement. My fellow freshman friends and I felt pretty cool carpooling with the senior executive board members. I was prepared to bond with these cool people who are where I hope to be in a couple years.

There was a point in the hayride, after we had all stumbled our way on and gotten going, that I got emotional. Not from the actual situation, but because the sky was so beautiful. I had never realized how much clearer I can see the stars here compared to at home near Chicago. The beauty struck me. I wished I had a better camera to capture the beauty, but I was also glad to have the chance to take it all in first hand as we slowly made our way to the middle of nowhere to a giant cone of fire between the woods and fields.


It was at this point that I realized I am really meant to be in this club. Everyone was ready to eat and take cute Instagram-worthy pictures as soon as we had our feet on the ground. Very similar priorities to me.  A lot of the older people still kept to their old group, which at the time was not expected, but I can understand it now when I think about how awkward I am with people. I still made friends and talked to new people as I chugged the amazing apple cider so it’s all good.
IMG_7447I could not tell you the last time I ate s’mores prior to that night, so I completely downed two as soon as I got the chance. On top of that I had three amazing apple cider donuts. Just that alone made it a great night.

Between mouth-fulls of food I finally had a chance to talk to people I actually had things in common with. No peas in the pod, but it was refreshing. We were there for a few hours, but it really flew by fast. We all got a group picture, which I still have not seen.

Eventually we all hauled back on the hayride, then did our same carpooling routine. I rode with all upperclassman on the way back, who were nice and cool. I feeling like I’m slowing becoming part of the family of the club, one day at a time, and this bonfire was big step. I want to do it again. Soon.

If you’re ever in Maryland in the fall, take the time to go to Millburn. Just go to any orchard or bonfire you can find this fall. Enjoy it before it gets even colder!


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