Curls Gurls: Embrace Your Locks

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Let’s start the week off right with a feel-good ode to what makes us different…

It’s taken me years of heated fits (literally) to realize this, but my curly hair is actually kind of nice. Among other things, it enhances my style better than any accessory, and it’s one-of-a- kind. I used to want to change it–and don’t get me wrong I still do sometimes–but I have grown to appreciate the way it looks a majority of the time.

I only hope some of you have curly hair and that what I’m about to type may make you feel better on days when all you want to do is drown your hair in a keratin treatment. If anything, this is a list I wish I had seen when I was younger:

Why I Love My Hair and You Should Too:

  • Both my own dad and strangers have told me that people pay to have haiScreen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.41.58 PM.pngr like what  grows naturally out of my head. Perms are a little outdated, but not even a curling iron can style as well as mother nature.
  • I don’t even use Dove products, but their whole “Love Your Curls” campaign is so beautiful that it cannot be ignored.
  • Nothing beats a toddler with an afro (aka me as a kid).
  • Hair represents something bigger than yourself. Believe it or not, my african american great-grandfathers on my mom’s side are who I have to thank for my curls. Basically, shake was your momma gave you–hair or otherwise.
  • Although Julia Roberts and Taylor Swift don’t rock their curls like the used to, a lot of celebrities are beginning to embrace their hair, like Zendaya.
  • Dressing up with straight hair is fun, but nothing feels better than washing out that burnt smell and all the treatments.
  • No hair part necessary; just flip it all around.
  • Dancing in the rain stress free.


All hair is beautiful, no matter how bare, long, curly or straight.

All hair has it’s good days and bad days, but curls will always be in their glory days.

I would love to hear how everyone feels about curly hair! Would anyone be interested in my curly hair care routine? 

Miss Curly,



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