Bananas for Bananas: Tried & True Banana Bread


It’s been a crazy week for me, so nothing better than ending it would a scrumptious #FoodieFriday 

Today is the first day in six that I have not eaten banana bread. Even as I drove halfway across the country the country with my dad, I brought three small pieces with me to snack on. I practically bleed mushed banana at this point, so it is probably best for my health that I ran out.IMG_9657.jpg

The banana bread that I was eating was not from a bakery, but my own making. Banana bread is one of the first things I think to make when I come home to visit my family, especially when there always happens to be neglected, overly-ripe bananas laying around.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.59.42 PM.pngI would like to say I adapted the recipe to make it my own, but really it is just a Food Network recipe that I tweaked a little. The funny thing about baking in that the littlest tweaks can make the biggest difference in the final product, eventually even making a difference in your day as you enjoy the product.

My Tweaks:

  • The recipe is called “Banana Muffins with Mascarpone Cream Frosting”, but the only thing to that I keep from the title is the “Banana” part–so no muffins and no frosting. Keep it easy with a 9 x 13 bread pan and butter the pieces for an extra treat.
  • Making the bread means cooking it longer to about 40 mins. Getting the middle cooked usually means a darker exterior, but I personally love the barely-there crunch and color that the extra heat gives it.
  • The 4 ripe banana it calls for does a decent job at making the bread moist, but go for 5 if you can swing it! It takes the moist-ness of the bread to a new delicious level. I sometimes find using only 4 dry, being so used to the 5.
  • If you’re making the bread for a crowd, considering mashing the bananas a little extra. The only complaints i’ve had with this bread was from those who don’t enjoy the banana bits, but some people prefer those.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.19.36 PM.png

So the recipe is basically perfect… I almost wish it hadn’t been so I could tell you more tweaks, but the given spices are so perfect with the banana flavor!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 5.24.08 PM.pngBanana bread can be enjoyed any time of the day with just about anything–As a side with eggs, with a smear of butter on the side of a cup of tea, or my brothers even like it mixed in with vanilla ice cream.

I would recommend to any baker and eater!

Anyone else basically addicted to banana bread? Has anyone tried this recipe with the frosting? I have always kind of ignored the frosting, but I am curious how it tastes!

Constant Carb Consumer and Alliteration Admirer,


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