Donut Skip Breakfast. I Mean It.


Instead of suffering through biology or chemistry, I’m taking Nutrition for a science class. I am definitely excited to learn more about proper diets and what I am putting into my body. My teacher is Jamaican, so she says that she grew up being told to eat like a king for breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner. The problem that Americans have is that we do the opposite.

I have never been able to understand why or how people skip breakfast. When I eat breakfast, my stomach is growling two hours later so really even just a small breakfast doesn’t work. I think my nutrition teacher, as well as most people around the world, have the right idea with eating more in the beginning of the day.


What You’re Missing Out On When You Skip Breakfast:

  • IMG_9312.jpgFUEL: Technically the most important part of the most important meal of the day. All of the iron and protein taken in from eggs and bagels give you energy, but the best part is that you have the whole day to burn it off.
  • A GOOD TIME: Making Breakfast is fun. You don’t even have to wake up early; that’s what brunch is for. Whether it’s banana pancakes on a rainy day or scrambling those eggs to a beat, enjoy the time for yourself or who you’re with!
  • Photo-Ops: Breakfast food is very photogenic. Enough said there.
  • MORE DESSERT: Let’s face it, most typical breakfast foods are practically desserts–which is probably why I love breakfast and brunch so much. You can go really healthy with eggs and oatmeal, but even super healthy fruits are sweet. Occasionally Treat Yo’ Self and  take it up a notch with waffles or coffee cake. Your sweet tooth will be thankful and maybe even satisfied for the whole day–unless your sweet tooth is out of control like mine. This goes back  to the fuel and having the whole day to burn off that Captain Crunch covered donut or cinnamon streusel french toast (that’s what that beauty below is).  


I do not always eat sweets for breakfast, I actually usually only do as a treat, but when I do I could not be happier. Waking up to sugary treats is always ideal. I am currently on the hunt for a good sit-down breakfast or brunch place near my campus, but my dining hall scrambled eggs do the job. 

Even if you aren’t big on sweets, I hope I have convinced you to make some time for breakfast. They aren’t kidding when they say it’s the most important meal of the day!

Shout outs in the same order as their photos to Fractured Prune (OCNJ), SunRise Cafe (OCNJ), my own kitchen, and Benelux Cafe (Milwaukee, WI) for my beautiful examples!

What’s everyone’s favorite breakfast food? Let me know!

Brunch or Die Crew,





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