Join Me: A Foodie Roadtrip Dream

Two of my favorite things in life are food and traveling, so my dream would be to combine those in a career somehow. While I wait for the opportunity to make that happen, I would love to take to the open road on what I call a foodie road trip.

What is it?

NDB in Newark

Instead of driving to the nearby city to visit a friend or checking out another beach, I find nothing wrong with planning a whole day to drive from one cute food place to another. I am not sure if this is a regular thing, but planning the trip so that you go in a circle and make your way home at the end of the day, stuffed and satisfied, sounds like a day well spent. There’s no hotel struggle, just one day and done.


Life is too short to eat the same food all of the time. More than giving you stock for the next three weeks on your Instagram, a road trip will bring you closer to whoever your with and give you so many amazing, delicious memories. It’s something different, a worthwhile adventure, and i’ve personally got nothing to lose.


How would I plan it?

The easiest part is knowing I would need to start and end at home.  With that in mind, the rest is a bit more complicated. It would go something like this:IMG_8576

  1. Check Instagram. That would give me the option to look for food pictures near my current location or looks for tags that relate to food and the area-probably done while hungry.
  2. More Research. Can’t waste this day, so I would also end up on Spoon University because that would be an easy reference for how far the food is from me. I would also need to follow up on what I found on Instagram.
  3. Consider Eating 6 Meals in One day. My nutrition teacher taught us that it is best to east every 4 hours. Whether that is correct or not, that seems like a good way to limit myself when it comes to narrowing down places to go.
  4. MapQuest it all. GPS is a valid option on the day of, but getting a good idea of the finals restaurant selections and their locations would be important.
  5. Find an understanding companion. Not everyone will understand a day revolving around food. Once I find someone willing to handle the day, it would be time to pick a date and hit the road!

You could always take the more spontaneous route and just choose a town or route and hope it leads you to some mouth watering food, but I like some methods to my madness. I should probably figure out a car workout routine to combat all of this stationary eating.

Anyone else ever thought of doing something like this? Let Me Know!  Also, check out my new food Instagram @penneformythoughts

Catch me cruising,




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