Hello! My name is Casey, and this is my conscience. My goal for starting, and re-restarting, this blog is for it to reflect me. I’ll write about what is important to me, which is mostly food and travel with a couple life lessons here and there.

My 20 years have brought me from Chicago suburbia to the University of Delaware. I study interpersonal communications with writing and Spanish minors. College gets confusing but if there’s one thing about my future that I am sure about, it is that a lot of writing is involved.

If I had a penny for every time I misspelled my own domain, I would be able to buy a new URL.

Bare with me



Follow my food obsessions even more on my foods @penneformythoughts

Follow my occasionally updated photo insta @caseycaptures_



4 thoughts on “About

    1. caseyirwin97

      I feel like I say this to every comment, but this seriously made my day! I checked out your blog (and insta..and twitter) and I totally feel the same way!


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