The Struggles of a Teacher-less Student

Ed Sheeran. John Mayer. George Ezra. Lewis Watson. John Butler Trio. Extreme. To name just a few of my guitar playing inspirations whom I actually can’t play like at all.

Ed Sheeran

I got my acoustic guitar in eighth grade, so about five or six years ago. For about three or four years I had Liz. Liz taught me whatever song I wanted to learn for an hour each week. At the end of it all she probably taught me more about life than music, because my list of songs I could play in whole with transitions and all was (and still is) very limited. At the time I saw nothing wrong with her teaching techniques, but now I wonder where I would be right now if I had a different teacher.

Eventually Liz moved away because she ‘got a record deal’, but I actually never heard from her again so I might never know what really happened to her. Being that I find it hard to open up to people, I never got another teacher. I also did not want a guy because I am awkward, so I basically limited myself and I regret it everyday.

Hozier in Chicago

I have not managed to teach myself a full song. I am very ashamed when I say that because I love music and I love the sound of an acoustic guitar jamming out. I would like to say I have been focusing on my studies, but really I am just a lazy bum-even this summer. I have started several songs and I can play parts of some great songs, but I really hope it is not too late for me to improve my skills.

It is only going to get harder to learn once I can never be alone in college, and my brain is getting old so grasping new technique will become more difficult. That really scares me. At the same time, I really hope that I can find some people at UD who can help me grow as a performer and player. Above all, I need to cut the crap and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

The 1975 in Chicago

Playing guitar does not come naturally for me. I have no rhythm and I cannot read sheet music for my life (Thank Goodness for tabs and chords names).
I praise anyone who has taught themselves, and I will hopefully post an update in the future about be finally being able to play as well as Mayer or Sheeran.

This post made me a bit mad at my past and present self. Hm.



Hello August!

T-Minus 27 days until I move into a dorm room with two others girls that is halfway across the country from my cozy bedroom. I have so much to do, so of course I am writing about it instead of doing it. I got the idea from The Swedish Kiwi, who got the idea from Little Misadventures, and I love it. I am a very big fan of list, and you will already see in this post. I have never managed to complete a summer bucket list, so going month by month sounds more doable. So here we go:

Goals For August

  1. Make it through a single day of Lollapalooza without fainting or stressing: I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but tomorrow I go to my biggest yet in the lovely city of Chicago. It’s practically a right-of-passage in my hometown and I can’t wait.
  2. Be a constant presence on my blog: I’m new to this whole thing, and I do not exactly have the time to plan things out, so we’re gonna take this one day at a time.
  3. Make Dinner for my family: I won’t have them to eat with much longer, so the least I could do is lend a hand to enhance one of our dinners together.
  4. Bake once a week: I also won’t have a full kitchen much longer. Before I completely convert to those baked-good-in-a-mug recipes, I need to whip up some of my old favorites and new finds.
  5. Learn a new full song on my guitar: I’m thinking something by Ed Sheeran. We’ll see.
  6. Smooth MoveLiterally. I think about my move everyday, so I need to just calm down and get things done, then actually take the big step. Or should I say big drive.
  7. Clear my every present to-do list: My “To-Do” note on my phone is always stressing out, especially because most of it consists of things i need to buy. Time to just take the leap and check all of those things off.
  8. Say Goodbye to my Home: I finally have an excuse to frequent local restaurants that Delaware does not have. I’ll do all of this and more with my friends by my side. We have a whole list of our own that we now have 18 days to complete until the first ones of us leave! I’m hoping the color coding will at least help us get something done.. (my friends and I struggle with coordinating our schedules)                                                          IMG_6656

Fingers crossed I can actually get this done. Thanks to those who inspired me to post this. I hope you’re all enjoying your summers and are completing your goals!